Startup Consultation consists of many things, and is different for every client.

There are numerous forms and documents which need to be filed before you can begin operating. At the simplest level, we'll walk you through each step required to establish your business, be it an LLC, corporation, or nonprofit. 

Due to the variety of work involved in startup consultation, we bill hourly for these services. For a basic LLC, we may spend 1-2 hours. For a nonprofit, it may be 5+ hours. 

We'll be available every step of the way, to assist as needed at your pace. Some of our clients do an initial 3-5 hours to get their business up and running, and then check in with 1-2 hour appointments as their business grows and changes.

Helping others set their dreams in motion is one of our favorite things! Startup Consultation allows you to begin the creative work on the actual business, while someone else handles the establishing documents and filings.

Let's get started! Make your appointment today.